Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arrested in Newport News need bail bonds 596-0320

No one ever expects to get arrested... But what happens if you do?   Do you know how to find a bail bondsman in Newport News?

When someone gets arrested they are taken to the local police department, sheriff's office or state police department where they are booked, processed and placed into a holding cell.

During the booking process, they will go through fingerprinting, background checks, warrant searches and then processed into the local computer system.  Afterwards, their information will be run through a nationwide criminal database to cross reference and update for each arrest.  This whole arrest process can take some time to complete depending on how busy the facility might be at that time.  Typically the weekends tend to be busier, so expect it to take longer to get processed.  

>> Keep in mind, once someone is arrested they won't have access to their personal items such as cash, credit cards or cell phones.

The defendant will be taken before a judge to see if they can be bailed out of jail or not.  Depending on the crime and whether the defendant has committed other serious crimes or is a flight risk, the judge will set bail.   

Once the defendant is processed they will be placed in a jail cell. Some jail cells have a pay phone to use with a with a list of bail bondman available. Otherwise, they will be given phone use at the jailer's convenience. Detainees cannot receive phone calls or messages. If someone calls you from jail, get as much information as possible. Find out if they want to be bailed out of jail, if so, find out what jail they are in, what the charges are, and how much bail is needed.

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